Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wednesday Noon: The doctors removed my chest tube this morning and are currently taking me off the respirator! I had a really good day yesterday and a great night. Within a day or so I will be moved back to moderate care (so Mommy can hold me again!).

Last night my surgeon (Dr Ohye) was on TV13 news - he is advocating for a little girl (less than 1) who needs a heart transplant in the next few months or she will die. Since everyone was so nice to pray for me, I am requesting that we all say a little prayer for her and her family today. Thanks!


  1. Max I am so happy for you and your parents. Your strength and strong will is amazing to me. I love you and can't wait to finally get to meet you in person. I will share my prayers for the little girl who is also in the hospital. I have plenty of prayers to share with everyone. Keep up the good work you our little hero!

  2. Yeah for Maximus! Keep up the hard work.
    I'm so glad to hear daily about your progress. What a wonderful way for your family to share this with all of us who can't be there in person.
    Can't wait to meet you~

  3. Congratulations on the GREAT news!!! I have been checking on the prayer connections and we have some mighty powerful air waves. We'll keep the prayers coming and there's always room for others to join the list. Maximus your job now is to heal and come home, I hear your kitty misses you.

  4. I saw Dr. Ohye and little Sophie on the news last night. She is a cutie and I'll certainly pray for her too while I'm praying for you. Good for you, you're also a cutie and a strong little guy Max. Don't get mad any more, just relax and get better. So happy you're making progress. Thanks again to Aunt Di and Aunt Barb for doing such a great job in writing your blog and keeping all of us informed on your condition. God bless and keep you and here's 3 cheers for you....HOORAY, HOORAY, HOORAY! Hi to mommy and daddy too. Keep trusting in God, He's doing a great job holding you in His hands. Peace and Prayers, Jan Ignatoski :)