Monday, January 19, 2009

Surgery Day

After all my fiestiness yesterday, I had a quiet night. I still had to be under the billi lights, though, with my superhero, Max-squared eye mask on and stretched out like I was getting a tan. I like it much better when I can be all swaddled up and am able to open my eyes to see Mommy and Daddy. I was so worn out that I slept right through my baptism this morning, though Deacon Wayne said he saw a little smile when he poured the water on my head. Dr. Ohye, the cardiologist who is doing the surgery, stopped in to see if we had any questions. He said someone will be updating Mommy and Daddy throughout the surgery, and he will see them after the surgery. I woke up and opened my eyes just before the orderlies took me down to surgery at 7:30 and the procedure started at 8:30. I'm going to rest now so I can focus on getting through this surgery. I'll need all my strength.

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