Monday, January 19, 2009

Sunday January 18

Uncle Jerry & Aunt Marsha came to visit me today & wish me well for my surgery. Aunt Barb, Aunt Di, Grammy & Grandpa came down & spent the night in the hospital hotel. Mommy & Daddy finally got into the Ronald McDonald house, so they will spend the night there.

The doctors say my billirubin is a little elivated. I don't know who billy is, but Dad says he must be a relative of Uncle Scott's. They made me lay on a blanket of lights and put two bright lights on me. I did not like it at all. They put a mask on my eyes to keep the lights from bugging me, but the mask bugged me instead. I kept trying to take it off so I could see who was talking to me.

Mommy & Daddy said I look like Max the Masked Avenger. The mask even had my name on it (Max brand).

I am very restless today, I have been awake most of the day.

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