Sunday, January 25, 2009


Hi everyone - I just wanted to share some new pictures mommy took yesterday and let you know how much I appreciate everyone reading my blog.

I know it is frustrating for mommy that they can't close my chest up yet. The doctors keep saying it's because my heart is swollen - my heart is big because it is so full of the love everyone is giving me. I think the real problem is because my chest is too small. Someday Mom will appreciate the fact that I have a big heart like her & daddy!

Yesterday I was awake for about 1/2 an hour which is more than I have been the last couple of days.

I will let you know how i'm doing later today - the doctors are working on one of my roomates right now so no one can visit at this time, not even mom & dad. I guess that is fair since their parents have to wait when I'm getting worked on :) Love you all - Max


  1. We Love You Max!!Keep on using our prayers to get you through. Maybe tomorrow will be the day you can be closed up. Daddy is right mommy and him need to hold you and nurse you back to health. But your heart is sooo bigg and beautiful that it needs some time for your chest to catch up and make room for all that love. Ours prayers are being heard. Love Anunt Kelly, Uncle Scott and Aubree and Kaylee.

  2. Awww! It just breaks my heart reading all the blogs. My heart goes out to all of you. Just think about how many people this young little guys life has touched, he's loved by so many! We love you all very much and can't wait to see you all. Thanks to everyone that post these blogs and keeps us all updated, it's greatly appreciated. Love to you and yours!
    Mike, Millie, Jeffrey and Shelby

  3. Max, Jay Jay, and John; you three continue to be in our thoughts and prayers. Please take good care of each other. It is so impressive to see the strength and grace the three of you posess. I love you Jay, Heather

  4. Michele and John and little Max,

    Just want you guys to know that you are in my thoughts and prayers! Stay strong!!


  5. Michele & John,

    I read the blog every day and pray for all of you. My heart aches for Michele, baby blues are bad enough with out all this. And I thought we had a time of it with Scott>>>>>>Looking back it was nothing compared to this.

    Sending our love Nancy & Jerry Rubin

  6. Michele and John, he is such a beautiful (or shall I say handsome) boy! I've really appreciated the updates. Aunt Betty has checked in with me several times (as she doesn't have internet) to get updated information. Some day Max will be able to read this blog and will know how much everyone loves him and his Mommy & Daddy. I can't wait to get an opportunity to hold him. Little Bradley will want to kiss him. He adores babies. Keep strong, and get your rest before he comes home and keeps you up all night!
    Love, cousin Shari

  7. Michelle, I am so sorry that you are having to spend your first days with your son like this. Your husband is right you are a strong women. So hang in there! Soon this time will be over and you can start holding your son WHENEVER you want! Thank you for sharing with everyone like this. We are all thinking postive thoughts for you, Max & John.
    Kelly (not your sister,from 8CAP) :)

  8. Thinking of you each day we continue to pray for you. yesterday our whole church took time to pray for all of you.

    God Bless you all and please know we are all here for you anything you need we will be happy to help with.


  9. I keep up daily & continue to pray for all of you. I know how stressful this can be. Soon you will be home enjoying the kinds of joys & frustrations all newborns bring. Can't wait to meet Max this summer. Thanks for sending me the blog to keep in touch. Love, Cousin Bunny