Friday, January 23, 2009

Thursday 1/22 PM

Well, the doctors tried to close me up this evening, but there just isn't quite enough room in my little chest for everything to function correctly. I think they were squishing my lungs so my oxygen levels dropped a little. They decided I need to get some more fluid off and they will try again tomorrow. I'll work on that over night.

Once they close me up I should be able to move back to moderate care after a day or so. That would be good - because then mommy can hold me again. Grammy came down to stay with Mommy so Daddy could go home and check on my kitty. Jo Jo will be surprised when I come home!


  1. Keep your spirts up. Sorry to hear they were unable to close his incision yesterday. I remember what you said to me, "god does not give us more than we can handle" I have found that is true and I know you will to. Stay strong I know Max is. My thoughts and prays are with you all.

  2. John, Michele and Maximus,
    It's too bad they couldn't close his incision up yesterday, but hopefully today. We are thinking of you always and continue praying daily. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all the time. We love you all!
    Love you and yours,
    Mike, Millie, Jeffrey and Shelby

  3. Cousin Cathy and the rest of the Cousin's Club are keeping you in our prayers Baby Max! Can't wait to see you in person - hopefully Mommy can bring you the next time we have a get-together for the club. Love you lots!
    Cousin Cathy

  4. I'm thinking of you and your parents. I'm sorry, Max, that they were able to close your little chest. I'm sure that will happen very soon. Jo Jo will be very surprised to see you. She won't know what to do with a little person in the house. :) I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of you in your mommy and daddy's arms, snuggling you close. I love you! Keep strong!

  5. Precious little Max,
    I am sorry that they couldn't close you up yet, but God knows what is best and he will look over you. Before long Mommy and Daddy will be changing diapers and wishing for a good nights sleep! You be sure to keep them busy, because after all, you are the important one here and their sleep can wait. They had plenty of time to sleep before you came. Now the world will revolve around you. We can't wait to see you . We love you already . Take care of your Mommy & Daddy while they are there. Let them know you are there and need attention! Love Roni

  6. Max has many people praying for him who love him dearly. We all want to meet him and give him the warmth and caring that comes from family. He will do well guided by the love and affection he is given. All people need that affection and love. Max is a fortunate baby. He has both of you and all of us who love him.