Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday, January 16

Thanks to her school being canceled because of the -15 temperature, Aunt Barb finally got to meet me today. She picked me up soon after she got there, and her hands were so cold that I let out the loudest wail Daddy said he had heard from me so far. That was a rude awakening from my nap! Later, when she had warmed up a bit, I let her hold me again and this time I just slept. A person can get tired around here with all the doctors and interns and students and nurses always wanting to check you out and unwrapping your nice cozy blankets (I'm a little swaddled bundle in the middle of a big crib). The nurse said I also have to work a little harder to breath because of my heart, so that wears me out too.

I was visited today by some geneticists who want my blood. They say they want to run some tests to see if there might be any other problems that go along with my heart defect, but I think Mommy and Daddy better check to make sure they're not vampires. (Maybe Aunt Barb should stop reading those Twilight books--she's filling my head with thoughts of vampires!) They took all kinds of measurements. One of the doctors kept tickling my feet to try to get me to open my eyes, but I showed him! I just took an occasional peek when he wasn't looking.

My cardiologist who will do the surgery on Monday also came in and talked to Mommy and Daddy about the surgery that I will have on Monday morning. It sounds pretty complicated and the doctor said I will be pretty sick afterwards, but I could get to go home as soon as two weeks after the surgery if all goes well. Another cardiologist drew a picture of what my heart looks like now and how it is working. It's doing its job pretty well, considering that it isn't put together quite right. My blood oxygen levels have stayed pretty good all day (except for when Aunt Barb was holding my hand and knocked the monitor off its spot).

Mommy and Daddy couldn't get into the Ronald McDonald house yet, so Daddy went back home to get some clean clothes and feed the cat, and Mommy went to spend the night at Aunt Barb's house since it is a little closer to the hospital than home. (She also wanted to soak in the jacuzzi tub there because she is still feeling pretty sore from all that trouble with the placenta.) Both Mommy and Daddy have had very little sleep since the night I was born, so I hope they both sleep well tonight.

Aunt Barb said I am a pretty cute guy, with my fuzzy blond hair and little Renwick nose. She thought I looked tiny in this great big bed, but she hasn't been around a newborn in a long time, so she isn't used to how small they are. I'm really not that little. I am very easy going, too. As long as people let me sleep, I'm pretty content.

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