Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thursday 1:00pm - The nurses say I had a pretty good night. Mommy thinks I look great (and she is not biased)! My breathing is much less labored as long as I don't get mad, which I tend to do when I have a wet diaper or the nurses are bugging me. I keep trying to cry out loud and mommy says she can almost hear my voice (I lost my voice because of the respirator). She longs to hear it now, but someday soon she'll be wishing I would loose it again!


  1. Well, Max it is snowing outside and the weather man is predicting more. Just think about the fun you will have making snow forts and snowmen. Tell your Mom and Dad that I may have a Ronald McDonald donation for them to deliver. My students have been collecting pull tabs and would like to donate them to the Ann Arbor Ronald McD. House. Lakewood students are the best- just ask your mommy, or aunts.

  2. Max you are looking so good, little dude! You are one handsome little man. Don't you just hate it when the nurses give you grief. It doesn't matter if your a baby or a grown up it's still not any fun. Keep getting healthier. I'm thinking about you tons. LOVE YA!!

  3. We are so glad that you are doing better. Can't wait until you get home so we can see you. We love you and will continue prayers. We'll also keep that other little girl in our prayers.
    Love you and yours,
    Mike, Millie, Jeffrey and Shelby

  4. Hi Max, it is great to hear how well you are doing. It won't be long now before Mom & Dad can hold you and then you will heal evan quicker with all that love. This silly French lady keeps asking about all of you. Mrs H wants you to know that she is thinking about you all. Keep up the great work Max, I can't wait to see the first new pictures of you in Mommy's arms.
    Love Audrey, Joe, Aaron, & Andrew

  5. We are so glad that you are off the machines and getting stronger! One day soon you'll be back in the arms of your Mommy and Daddy! We can't wait until you're well enough for all of us to see you! You have an amazing Mommy & Daddy and we send lots and lots of hugs, love and prayers for you and them. We're checking on your progress every day and just wanted you to know that we will continue to pray, pray, pray for you!

    Lisa, Rob, Chris & Nikki