Friday, January 30, 2009

Back in your arms again.....that's my theme for today!

I have been released from PTICU to moderate care, but they do not have any open beds, so I'll stay put for awhile (which is quite OK for my parents!).

The doctors removed my umbilical IV today and replaced it with a big boy one. They upped my breast milk intake - now if they could just put a french fry in there we would be good!

Mommy & Daddy can hold me again - it is a very happy day for me! Today is my original due date, and it's just like we are starting over with holding and feeding and cuddling.....Before you know it I will be big & strong and heading home!


  1. YAY Max!!! So glad to hear that you are back in the arms you need to be in. Keep healing up and you'll be home in no time.

    Michele-Was John able to find what you needed in Greenville?? If not, give me a call and I can look for it in Lakeview.
    Melissa Stevens

  2. Max have a GREAT weekend! It is still snowing, so remind all your visitors to drive safely. I'm glad to hear that the doctors are removing those tubes and you are able to move around a bit. Soak up all that hospital attention while you can because after you leave there the cousins and aunts want their turn.