Sunday, January 18, 2009

I have a good "fighting" name

Gender: Masculine
Usage: Ancient Roman
Roman family name which was derived from Latin maximus "greatest". Saint Maximus was a monk and theologian from Constantinople in the 7th century.


  1. From an e-mail from my friend Pat: "It was funny, as I was waiting for the blog to load I thought about his name: Max Smith , and thought, “He has a good strong name. In Japanese culture the name is very important and a lot of weight is placed on finding just the right, strong name. My Japanese friends would say that because he has a strong name, he will be a good fighter.” Then, the page loaded and there it was, “He has a strong name” or something like that!"

  2. Hi everyone, I am Maximus's Father. I chose the name because it is a strong name, and he comes from strong stock. He will show the world just how weak his name is compaired to his inner strength.