Monday, January 19, 2009

11:55 Dr. Ohye just told Mommy & Daddy my surgery went great! Everything went as well as he hoped - no surprises. He was able to repair my aeortic valve so he only had to replace one valve (that's very good news). I'll be in recovery until about 1:30 and then mommy & daddy can come see me finally. That will make mommy feel much better & me too!

I will be in ICU for a week or two, then will be moved to moderate care for another couple weeks.

Thanks to everyone for all their prayers - I still have a rough week or so ahead of me, so keep the prayers coming, it's allways good to have a connection to the Big Guy!

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  1. Thank God he is doing well. We have all been praying. He is definately a fight and strong like his name.