Sunday, June 21, 2009

Maximus goes to a wedding for the first time.

Maximus's cousin Katie's wedding was this weekend, and he was invited to come. He was able to meet more of his fans. It was a beautiful event. Max was a little over whelmed at first, but adjusted after a while. It was a really long day for him, he didn't get his naps all day, so when we were finally home, he crashed. Today he was sleepy, but I think he caught up. Congratulations to Katie and Dan, may they enjoy themselves as much as Michele and I. Here are a couple of photo's.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Photo from my friend, Jo, taken June 14, 2009. Those cheeks are impossible not to kiss!

Just a little up date.

Maximus is doing well, he is a strong little man. I am amazed at how fast he heals. You would not know he had just went through surgery. He is back to his smiling self. He is drinking more at each meal, and that is a good thing. He still does not like cereal yet, but we will keep trying. Max has been kept from public so as not to get him sick before he is fully healed. I am sure in the next couple of weeks he will be ready for his public appearances. Until then, I will try to keep up with the updates.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Maximus had his first meal from a spoon!!!

Hi everyone, sorry I have not updated in a couple of weeks. Max has his tube out, he removed it last weekend, to try and ween him self from it I guess. He is not drinking 5oz every five hours, but he will drink about 3oz every two hours. So he is getting his nourishment's.:0) He had a well child exam on Tuesday and has moved up to the 10th percentile for height and weight, this was a 3% increase from his 2 month exam. He is getting back into his normal routine finally. He still isn't supposed to be exposed to too many people or germs.

Today he tried cereal for the first time. I don't think he likes it yet, but you have to start sometime. Also, Jojo kitty left Max his first lucky rabbits foot on the front step this morning.

Well, here are some photos.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Back to the grind for Mommy.

Well, Mommy had to go back to work today. Maximus still has not kicked the feeding tube habit yet. But I have been able to trick him into pulling from the bottle a couple of times. But once he figures out that he is drinking from his bottle, he goes off. LOL Grandma is taking over for His day care lady this week. The day care lady did not feel comfortable with the feeding tube, so she did not want to take him back until he is past it. So we are praying that this week he gets rid of it. I am in Iowa this week, so I won't be much help. But paying the bills will. So thank you guys for keeping us in your prayers. Have a good night.