Wednesday, January 28, 2009

5:00pm I have been off the respirator since 12:30 and am holding my own. I had a little spell when I got really mad and the more mad I got the harder it was for me to breath. It was scary for Mommy, but I'm OK now. The Nurse gave me some drugs to help me sleep and keep me calm. Mom's going to wish she had some of those drugs once she gets me home! The Nurse said that my visitors can not rile me up again - so mom says Aunt Di isn't allowed to visit without supervision!


  1. Thanks for the update. I love those sweet little heart patches Max is wearing.

    Keep on getting better Max. Tonight we will say a prayer for all of Dr. Ohye's patients.


  2. Hi Michele,
    Just got a message tonight from Jeri's husband that Laura had a baby girl today. 8lbs 5 oz and she named her Lillian Kay. Just wanted to let you know. Praying for little Max and you and John too. Hang in there! Jan Ignatoski :)

  3. What a sweetie pie. Sounds like he really has a temper. Can't blame him with all he has been through!!! Love Aunt Kelly!

  4. Hey Michele,
    WOW!!!! I just was able to find your blog site....great. Glad things are progressing nicely,,,you guys have been in my prayers since I found out. We do miss you at the pool but you have a very good, and cute excuse...oh boy. Take care.
    Kathy Van