Sunday, May 3, 2009

We made it through our first full week!!!

Well, mommy and I survived our first full week of work and daycare. I think that I faired a little better than mommy since my nap schedule was still available. I was nice enough to wait for mommy on Thursday so we could nap together when we got home.

Mommy had a very long week at work. She is very greatful that Grammy comes to watch me on Wednesday, one less day that she has to get me around in the morning :) We are still trying to get our mornings right. Just when mommy thinks she has time to get in the shower I trick her and wake up!!

I do think that mommy is beginning to go a little crazy! She says that having a baby has made her very forgetfull and paranoid. Just the other day there was a Priority Mail package in our box adressed to me from Vermont. Mommy knew that she didn't know anyone from Vermont and started wondering who the heck would have sent this. Not only was it form Vermont but the return adress was from a P.O. Box!! That really made mommy wonder.

She called and Aunt Di to see if Katie's Nanna had friends in Vermont. Aunt Di said they did but the name on the package didn't sound the same. So, mommy called Grandpa and daddy to see if they had any Army buddies in Vermont and they didn't. Now mommy is really convinced that something awful and horrible are in this package!! Daddy tells her to open it up but she says not with me in the car, it could be Anthrax or a bomb!!! Mommy drops me of at Lois' house and tells her all about the mystery package.

Mommy gets to work and threatens to make the new girl open it up. Instead she gets on rubber gloves and goes outside, Cindy comes along for support and to identify the body after whatever mommy thinks is going to happen by opening this package!! Mommy very gently opens one little corner of the package with her arms stretched out as far as she can reach so it won't blow up in her face. Nothing happens so far so she tried a little bit more and the more. No explosions and no white powder, just another little envelope inside with a note that says MAX. Mommy still isn't sure the danger is behind her and carefully opens that envelope to find three wooden angel madallions. No bomb, no Anthrax or anything else harmful, just some well wishes from Nanna's friend in Vermont!!!

Now do you see why I think mommy may be loosing her mind??????????


  1. Aww... that is so a Momma's way of thinking. We wouldn't do anything to harm our babies. I'm with you Michele, so don't feel bad about it- you are a wonderful Mom! Love you all! I am praying and know that everything will turn out good. Love you and yours!!!

    Mike, Millie, Jeffrey and Shelby

  2. We just wanted to let you guys know you are thought of often and in our prayers. We know the date is fast approaching. I have faith that God is with you all and everything is going to go well. Love & Prayers.. Jamie & Lili