Saturday, May 30, 2009

Today is a better day.

Maximus is in better spirits since I have been home. So he must love me. ;0) I was able to get him to drink a half of a bottle. So that is a good sign he will soon be past his feeding tube. He has been very sleepy today which is good. He is probably thrilled to get some uninterrupted sleep.

Yesterday mommy and grandma took him to his cardiologist during which he proceeded to scream for a good twenty minutes straight! The "no crying" song didn't even work. I'm sure his behavior was due to the drug withdrawals it certainly isn't the Max we all know and love.

Max will stay home with grandma for the week while mommy goes back to work.

Thank you once again for all your prayers. We felt fortunate that we were only back temporarily, there were families still at the hospital from our first visit. One little girl in Moderate Care has been there for nine months!! I will take our two week visits anytime!

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  1. So good to see Max smiling at daddy. I think he does love you! :) Hope he continues to get better each day and start to drink his bottles again so he can get rid of the feeding tube. He sure looks good and healthy. What a cutie! I'll keep praying for him. God bless all of you. Peace and blessings, Jan Ignatoski :)