Monday, May 18, 2009


Well, removing the respirator proved to be too much on little Max, so they had to put it back in. Michele is not sure what happened other than the nurse said Max must still have too much fluid on his chest to be able to handle the stress of breathing on his own. Maybe tomorrow will be a better day. He will remain in ICU until they can successfully remove the respirator, which means a longer stay overall at Motts. Keep our little buddy in your thoughts & prayers!


  1. That must have been a big disappointment for all of you. I'm sure you are just as anxious for it to come out as Max (probably more since he gets the drugs!) Hopefully the next try will be good and you will be home sleeping in your own beds before you know it. Hang in there!

    Aunt Sue

  2. Praying for Mighty Max as well as Michele and John and all family members. He is a tough little cutie and hope tomorrow is a better day and he can get off the respirator. So much to go through for such a little guy but God is staying right by his side and holding his hand throughout this whole ordeal. Just know I'm praying for Max and you're all in my thoughts and prayers. God bless. Jan Ignatoski