Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hi from Max

Hi all,

Surgery went well on Friday. They pumped me up with all sorts of fluids - mommy says I look like the marshmallow man! I think i look more like Buddha! I have a girl for a roommate this time (in ICU) - I'm not sure if the nurses knew that we were a boy & girl because the first day they didn't put diapers on us! They must have figured it out now, because they covered us up the next day. She is a yooper, eh (from the U.P. for those not from MI reading this).

My nurse Sue says that she hopes they get enough fluid off me today & tonight so that they can start weening me from the respirator tomorrow. They may be able to remove one of my chest tubes as well (the one that goes in right by my heart). I still will have one in my right lung until I'm completely off the respirator. They drained about 10cc of fluid off my left lung last night, and that seemed to clear that one up. Nurse Sue just keeps telling me I have to "pee, pee, pee" and all will be good. (Shes kind of crazy) That is one skill I have mastered so it shouldn't be a problem. I still have a catheter so at least she won't have to change 100 diapers tonight!

I'll let you know tomorrow how I'm doing - thanks for thinking of me,

love you all - Mighty Max


  1. Dear little Max, you are sure a little fighter. You are needed to keep your Mommy and Daddy sane . It sounds like you are doing better and hopefully you can go home soon. We said a prayer for you in church sunday and many people keep you and Mommy & Daddy on their prayer list.

    You need to hurry and get better and get home so Mommy and Daddy can calm down! We love you all! Roni & Ben

  2. Max, keep up the good work at getting better. We are all here and rooting & praying for your good health and your parents. Sorry to hear about the fridge guys that was a bummer. I hope you all don't have any more surprises like that one... Jamie

  3. It's great to hear the voice of Maximus again, through his ghost-writer, Aunt Di.

  4. Hey little Max! I'm so glad to hear that you are doing better. Keep up the good work. I know it's hard and sometimes it hurts, but you're a fighter and we're all here for you. You're my little hero! Even for such a little guy you have shown more strength and courage than many adults have shown. Stay strong, brave little dude. You'll be home with your mommy and daddy very soon.

    Love you!!
    Aunt Kathy :)