Thursday, May 21, 2009

Baby steps towards recovery

Hi all! I have been doing well since being taken off the respirator - I did not like that thing at all! A family friend, Brock Richmond actually helped take it out.

I still have some crud in my lungs, but have been coughing on my own to get rid of it. The doctors said they plan on unpluging me from most of these wires by tonight so that will be good. Maybe they won't have to keep me strapped down then!!

The Nurses think that I get a little wild at times so they keep giving me drugs to sleep. Don't they understand that I'm a boy and that is what boys do? Maybe if they would sing the "no crying" song to me I would calm down! Mommy should teach the Nurses it.

Sometimes I'm just sad and bored, but when they try and give me my pacifier I don't like it because it tastes too much like that yucky tube they stuck down my throat so I spit it out. That makes them wonder if I will take a bottle, so I still have a feeding tube in.

I am moving again today - to a different part of the PICU, someone else needs my bed. Mommy hopes that by the weekend they will kick me out of here! That would be nice!!


  1. Good job Max! Just keep coughing and getting that stuff out. The Lord is holding your hand and soon mommy and daddy will be able to hold you again. I'll keep praying,you keep healing. God bless. Jan Ignatoski :)

  2. Oh're such a fighter!! :-) GOOO MAAAX!!



  3. Awe Max, I'm so happy that you are getting better. It would be nice if you could be home by this weekend. Then you could enjoy your very first Memorial Weekend! Keep trying to get rid of that cough, cause we know you want out of there as much as the rest of us do. Sleep tight little Max!

    Love ya!