Sunday, May 17, 2009

Pee, pee, pee, pee!!!

Well, they upped his dose of lasix. They are trying to get the fluid level down still. He is having a problem getting rid of it. Like Barb said, when he converts it to pee, it will leave his body quicker. Until it gets lower, he will have trouble breathing on his own. We are letting him rest at this point. Tomorrow they will try to sprint his air way.(that means taking him off the respirator for a few seconds at a time to see how he reacts.) The nurse says that he is doing "great" other then that extra pesky fluid. She believes that once he is off the respirator that he will be quickly on his way home. He started getting tube feeds today and did well. As soon as he is of the vent he can drink from a bottle.

Yes, getting home to find the fridge quit was not a great experience, but manageable. I just had to throw away a couple of months worth of food, anyone who knows Michele knows she always stocks up on sales. My father helped by mowing the jungle that we lovingly call a lawn. The rain this week made it explode with growth. My cousin Tony took the stuff from the fridge and disposed of it.

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