Sunday, May 17, 2009

Peaceful night

I just called Grandpa Peacock for an update. Max had a pretty quiet night. He is continuing to have issues with fluid retention and still has the drainage tube in one lung. The doctor also drew off 10ccs of fluid from his other lung this morning. The nurse Grandpa talked to said she thinks they may be able to take him off the respirator today, which will then allow them to back off on the sedation. Once Max is not so sleepy and starts moving around, that will help a lot with getting the fluids out. Moving around helps our body push any extra fluid to our lymphatic system, which in turn moves the excess to the excretory system and we pee it out. That's your biology lesson for the day!

In the category of "We didn't need anything else to deal with right now," Max's daddy went home yesterday to take care of some things, and found that their fridge had died. In addition to the food that was lost, Max's medications that need to be kept refrigerated may have been ruined as well. John is on his way back to Mott's today and Aunt Diane is riding with him. Aunt Di will ride back with Grandpa this evening, and Grammy will stay with Michele, John, and Max at the hospital.

I'll keep you posted as I hear more (or Aunt Di or John may post from the hospital).


  1. UGH!! when it rains it has to add a little hail to it, huh? I can't believe their fridge went out already. It's only...what? Maybe 4 years old, if that. Poor John, what a mess to come home too, especially when you don't have time to fix it. Sorry you have to go through that too. I'm here if you need any help.

    Love you guys!!

  2. We have a fridge in our garage if you need one until you get yours fixed. Its older, but you could put it in your garage if you need it. We are using it right now. We are thinking of you all! Amanda Braman

  3. oops, I meant to put we are NOT using it right now!