Thursday, February 19, 2009

Recent photos of Maximus( And His Ghost writer Aunt Di)

Good evening everyone.

Aunt Di stopped by tonight. I was glade to hear that her leg no longer hurts, and she is getting past her pain of her toes. But guess what? She brought some new photos of Maximus, Michele, and I. So as promissed, I have more pics. I also realised that I never posted a pic of Aunt Di. So I put one of them on here to. :0)


  1. Great pics! Glad to see Michele smile. Max is sooo adorable and handsome.. We are praying that you guys keep those smiles and good health going!! jamie & lili

  2. What a lovely family picture!! God has truly blessed all of you. I hope little Max continues to grow and get stronger. I hope Michele is able to get a little more sleep....that is something that takes getting used to. I'll continue to keep all of you in my prayers. Take care, God bless. Jan Ignatoski:)
    P.S. Glad Aunt Di (ghost writer for Max) is doing better.....can't see her too well in the pic but I'm sure that's fine with her. She surely did a great job in writing Max's daily blogs. :)