Saturday, February 14, 2009

The feeding tube is out!!!

Good evening everyone. Maximus has no cords attached. Fueling by his own power. It sure is nice not seeing the tube, but just his shining face. As the days go by he seems more, and more alert. He is able to finish his bottles, and take his medication. Aunt Di was here two days ago, and sacrificed herself to make sure Maximus didn't hit the floor. She tore some ligiments, and broke two toes. :0( She had just changed his little diaper on the floor, and stood up. While she was getting up, she tripped, and lost balance. Rather then let Maximus get hurt, she spun on her toes, and landed on her back. Here is Maximus with out any yucky tubes in his face. :0) Keep Di in your prayers, that she will heal quickly.



  1. Good job, Aunt Di, protecting Maximus! We were so much younger when we did this with our own kids, weren't we?! I hope you're okay and it doesn't hurt too much. Rest that foot--just ask Alex, it heals a lot faster if you follow doctor's instructions (he didn't). Take care.

    Cute pictures, John!

  2. We hope Aunt Di will heal quickly. The little guy is sure a cutie pie! We love you all and will continue the prayers.
    Praying for Sweet Aunt Di, too.
    Love you and yours,
    Mike, Millie, Jeffrey and Shelby