Saturday, February 14, 2009


  1. What a beautiful cherub is little Max! God bless him! What a Valentine's Day you have had I'm sure. So happy for all of you and will keep you in my prayers. Hope Michele can get some sleep....that a very difficult part of being a get used to it after while! I thought I would never get a whole night's sleep ever again after my first two boys were 14 months apart but I did......hang in there and keep the faith! Love & Prayers, Jan Ignatoski :)

  2. He's a little sweetie pie! We are so happy for you all. So good to see him without the tubes, he's a doll! We will keep all of you in our prayers and thank God for all that he's done.
    We'll also be praying for Sweet Aunt Di, hopefully she'll have a speedy recovery.
    Love you and yours,
    Mike, Millie, Jeffrey and Shelby

  3. He's so very precious! We are all anxious to meet you Mr. Max. Everyone at the pool is waiting for you to come visit us! Tell mommy that you guys need to come visit even if you can't come swimming yet! We miss you Michelle and hope that all is going wonderful. Hope to see you and Max real soon. Kathy and I want to go to dinner some thursday evening after water excersize. Talk to you soon. Love bunches! Heather and Jack