Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Last night in Ann Arbor

Well, I am continuing to wow everyone and it looks like Mommy and Daddy will finally get to take me home tomorrow! We are all very excited. I continue to do great without any extra oxygen (thank goodness--that thing in my nose was so annoying). My echocardiogram yesterday showed that my heart is working just fine, and the nurses took the IV port out of my foot today, so now both my feet are free and available for playing with--just don't tickle, please. It looks like I still will have a feeding tube when I leave (that and the heart monitor are the only things that are still attached to me at the moment), even though I took two whole bottles for the night nurses last night and just drank a whole one for Grammy this afternoon. Mommy and Grammy figured out that the trick was to let me get wide awake and hungry, and I can make quick work of that bottle. When they were waking me up every three hours to take it, I wasn't always in the mood to eat, or awake enough to finish. Mommy still hasn't learned to put in my feeding tube (she was hoping she wouldn't need to). But, since it has to be changed every three days, she will have to learn before they will let her spring me. The plan is that we should be blowing this joint around noon Thursday! Grandpa is picking up Daddy and trading him in for Grammy, so Daddy and Mommy can take me home, and Grandpa can finally have Grammy back. I've gotten pretty used to having her around. She has been a big help to Mommy all this time I have been in the hospital. I'm pretty sure she'll come visit me at home, though.

This has all been quite an adventure, but I'm ready to settle in to a little more normal life with Mommy, Daddy, and my kitty Josette at home. Thanks for all your prayers that have helped me get better and be able to go home.

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  1. Congratulations on the release from the hospital. It's a BIG day for everyone! Ride safe in your new car seat and tell daddy to drive extra careful- this is NOT a race car.