Monday, February 9, 2009

Back to work for Daddy.

Good morning everyone. I had to return to work this today, but Michele is home. It was sad to kiss that little guy goodbye for the week. I will be staying in Detroit. One of us has to get some money coming in. :0) My employer Vanguard was very helpfull the last couple of weeks. Maximus is doing well, he has a doctor appointment today, lets all keep our fingers crossed, that he will get rid of his feeding tube. Other than that, I don't really have much to say, except thankyou all for your prayers, I am sure they did wonders.



  1. Maximus, It is sooooo good to know you are home now! I am sure you are going to miss Daddy with him being gone all week, but I know you will work hard to drink all your bottles so you can surprise him with the feeding tube gone when he gets home. HArd to believe you are nearly a month old. You seem to have grown so much in that month. Take care of Mommy now that you are home with her all day. She is going to need a nap here and there. We love you! And Mommy ~~ Roni and Ben

  2. We hope everything goes good at the doctors and the feeding tube gets to get rid of the feeding tube. He is a very adorable baby. We love you and will continue praying.
    Love you and yours,
    Mike, Millie, Jeffrey and Shelby

  3. Oh my goodness... I really need to pay attention- my last comment doesn't look right or sound right, haha! I meant we hope he gets to get rid of the feeding tube. Love you all!!!

  4. Glad to hear you are doing well Max and hope your appointment today goes well. I know Mommy would love it if they could remove that feeding tube. I know you'll miss your daddy this week but Mommy will be there to keep you safe and Daddy will be checking in by phone LOTS of times during the day as well. I'll try to call Mommy this week to say "hi" and I know you'll be a very good little guy for her. Keep eating and getting bigger and healthier. God bless you and Mommy and Daddy and I'll keep the prayers going for all of you. Peace and Blessings, Jan Ignatoski :)

  5. I can't wait to hear how Maximus does at his Doctor visit. I am sure it will be good news!!!love aunt kelly

  6. I don't know Roni, but we are kindred spirits. I, too, made the mistake of reading John's post at work. Luckily my students were totally engrossed in a video on Jamestown Settlement (of which Captain John Smith was the governor, coincidentally) and didn't notice the tears in my eyes. John, you're breaking my heart! It's driving me crazy not being able to see Max, and I'm "just" his aunt! I can't imagine how hard this must be for you. There's something about that little guy that just steals your heart! Once you hold him, you're hooked! I wish I didn't live so far from you.
    Love and miss you all.