Thursday, February 5, 2009


  1. Welcome home Max!!! Welcome home Mommy & Daddy!! We are so glad to hear that everything went well today and they sprung you. Enjoy every minute together in your own home. If you need anything, don't hesitate to call.

    Love Audrey, Joe, Aaron, & Andrew

  2. Welcome home little Max!! God is good. I'm sure Mommy and Daddy are equally as glad to be home....3 weeks is a long time to be living away from hom. I'm so happy for all of you. Please take it easy John and Michelle and give all of you some time to settle into your home. It will be a little different now with baby Max....I hope you have a little help but not too much company. You need time to adjust yourselves. God is good and He will guide you through this journey as He has done so far. I'll continue praying for all of you and hope all continues to go along just fine. Be patient with yourselves and little Max.....harder than it sounds I know. Take care, God bless. Jan Ignatoski :)

  3. YAY!! HOME AT LAST!!!! We are so happy for you all! We are praying for you all too. You guys need to get some well deserved rest, I's hard to rest with a newborn, but you will be much better at home. We can't wait to see you all. We just want you all to know that if you need anything we are just a phone call away. We love you and wish you all the happiness in the WORLD (we know you've got all you need...MAXIMUS). Love you all!
    Love you and yours,
    Mike, Millie, Jeffrey and Shelby.

    Oh yeah, the welcome home sign was very cute and so sweet of Aunt Barb's fifth grade class!!! :-)

  4. Good job, Max! It's been so wonderful to follow your progress and know that you're home with your family. I'll continue to keep all of you in my prayers as you get settled in.
    Sandy Gardner

  5. Michele, John glad to hear you and Max are home! We will keep you all in our prayers. Its so wonderful to know you all are settling in at getting cozy at home. Take Care Jamie & Lili