Monday, March 2, 2009

March is here

Today Maximus was weighed, and he is 8 pounds, 4 ounces. So he is making good progress for his age, and issues. Aunt Di was over saturday, and Max enjoyed her company, and no, she didn't break anything this time. ;0) At this pace, he sould be able to take visitors soon. Just give Michele a call, and set up some time. She is as busy as a new mother can be, so I am sure as much notice as you can give would be apreciated. I see this blogg has not been updated in a while. I am on the road, right now I am in Nashville Tenn. This will be the busy time for me comeing up. Next week it is off to chicago, then wisconson, then south caralina, north caralina, ect. So for the next few months, I will only be seeing my son on the weekends. So I am sure Michele could use the adult conversation from her friends, and family. Thank you all for watching the blogg, and sorry for not keeping it up dated more. My computer was on the blink the last couple of weeks. I will try to get some new photo's of Max when I get home this weekend.


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  1. We all know how busy things can get when we work. I try to check this everyday I am at work and will continue to do so. I know Michele is busy and we are going to give her a ring. You are all still in our prayers and we will continue to keep them coming. Can't wait to see the new photos of the little guy!!He is soo cute. Jamie