Friday, March 27, 2009

Hi All

Hi all
It's me Max - as Daddy said I am getting bigger by the minute and
having fun doing it! Mommy has been taking me out more and more - this picture was taken when I went shopping with Mom, Dad and Aunt Di - my first big trip to Costco! We had a thunderstorm that day as well - on March 7 of all days! That was a first for me as well.

This week I have been busy - I went to the pool with Mommy & Grammy - and sat with the lifeguard. I helped her watch everyone & make sure they were safe. Actually I slept most the time - cause it was kind of boring! Some day maybe mommy will let me go in the pool! I like my bath so I guess I would like the great big bath tub!!

Yesterday I went to cousin Matt's baseball game. It was kind of chilly and Aunt Di had me bundled up so I slept most the time. There was a lot of cheering going on and kept waking me up. I woke up long enough to have a bottle, then I decided it was time to go home. Maybe when it is warmer I can stay longer.

My daddy comes home today - I can't wait to see him & tell him all about my week!

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  1. Max, your such a cutie. Keep up the growing Lili is excited to meet you. I show her your famous blog when she is in the office.(Which is everyday after school). You are all in our thoughts and prayers. Jamie