Monday, March 16, 2009

Over two months have past.

Things have happened so fast. It was only two months ago Maximus was in the hosptial. Lying with his heart exposed. That was a lot to bare. But it to passed. Max is bigger, stronger, and much more aleart. I see him on the weekends, and I feel he has to learn me all over again. That makes me sad. :0( I know he recognises my beard. The other morning, when I had returned from out of state, I got up to see Michele and Maximus lying on the bed. I walked over and kissed Michele, and said hi to Max. He looked so content. He took one look at me and busted out crying. I think I scaired him. I don't know what to do. I know most of you work and spend time away from your children, and that is hard enough. But do any of you spend five days a week away? If so, how do you keep in your new childs memory? I know when he gets older, he will know me, I just don't want him to be afraid of me. You know? It really sucks missing out on the early days of his life. I see him growing so fast, it is like a time worp. I go away on monday, and come home on friday night late. When I get home he looks so much bigger. He is growing fast. Well, I will get of my soap box for the night.


  1. John, I could not imagine having to be away from my daughter that much and I realize that it must be hard to bond when you are away so much. Its just a thought but maybe Michele can keep one of your warn shirts around him while he is sleeping and hanging out so he does not forget your scent. It may sound a little silly but they know these things. You can also record yourself reading a book or singing a lullaby for him and have Michele play it for him at nap time and when he goes to bed while you are away. That way he will not forget what your deep voice sounds like. I hope this helps. You all are in our prayers. Jamie in Gaylord

  2. John,
    Mike knows exactly how you feel. He was working out of town all the time while Jeffrey was little. It was rough. When he would come home for the weekends Jeffrey would cry and barely let him hold him. Just when he would start warming up to Mike on Sunday nights it was time to start the process all over again. When he gets a bit bigger he will understand and recognise your voice. You could do what Jamie has posted...he will remember that, plus it's a good idea! :-) Have a wonderful day!!! Love you and yours!
    Millie King