Saturday, March 21, 2009

My first home movie.

Hi everyone, I am going to try to up load the video clip again. And I think it may have worked.


  1. What a handsome little guy is Max the Great!! He is growing very nicely it looks like. Sorry I haven't written, been working every day on my annual project. Remembering all of you in prayer. Looks like Max is doing very well and Michele looks great. Sorry you have to be away all week John, I'm sure that is difficult for you and Michele. Thank heaven for Grandma Peacock! I'm sure she is thrilled to help and see Max progress along so well. He's been through a lot but looks very comfortable with everything. Maybe he'll start to stretch those feedings a little for Michele at night so she can get a little more sleep. That's a big adjustment, especially if you need a lot of sleep. Fortunately, I never needed too much. Hope to get over to see Michele and Max sometime in the next month. Jeri will be at her cottage in April, after Easter and then we'll try to come over one day. God is good and we are thankful for healing Max. What a sweetheart and precious gift. Thanks for your updates and for the blogger.......just great. Take care, God bless. Jan Ignatoski :)

  2. Hi John, Michele & Max!

    My goodness you are getting so big Max! You certainly are a handsome boy.

    Hey John, I was thinking about an idea for you to get Grandma Peacock a special gift. . .

    You, Max & Michele could buy a star & name it after Max & Grandma (Peacock Maximus) & as Max grows, he can look for his & grandma's special star when it gets dark.

    I have enjoyed the updates on your little miracle boy!
    -Raelyn Alward - Gratiot EHS Home Visitor