Saturday, March 14, 2009

Happy 70th Birthday Grandpa

Tonight was Grandpa Peacock's Birthday. Maximus attended his Grandpa's suprise birthday party. He was able to meet some of his older cousins and people he had not meet. I think the noise was a bit much for him at first. But after a while he mellowed and just let everything sink in. I have not posted photo's like I said yet, but in the morning I will. Up date on Max is, he is doing well. Growing everyday and looking healthy. We gave Grandpa Peacock a half gallon of his favorite scotch for making all those trips to the hospital and giving up his wife for the past couple of months. I am still waiting for peoples ideas for what to do for Grandma Peacock. So when you people get an idea, type it in as a comment. I am willing to take anything into concideration. With in reason of course.;0) Well it is getting late, so I should let you go for now. Thanks everyone, and goodnight.


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