Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Maximus went to his first day care.

Hi everyone,

Maximus went to his first day care. Michele had a nice lady come to the house to see how she if she liked her. She was very nice, and treated Max well, so she let him go to her house this week. Other than the Hospital, this is the first time he was left with out one of us in some one's house. He is adjusting pretty well to it, and so is Michele. We are getting closer to the surgery date. Every day that passes the insanity builds. We are managing though. Well, I am in Illinois again this week, and should be home late Friday. And from what I here it is going to be a nice day. Well, I will close for now. Thank you for paying attention.



  1. We are all here and reading..Much love and prayers are being sent out to you all! Try to keep sane through all of this as I know waiting for the unknown is the worse thing to endure. God is always with us and has remarkable ways of showing us his love.. Take Care Jamie & Lili

  2. Hello John, Michele and Maximus,
    We have been thinking about you all. I seen John in his work van on Friday, he was going past Miller road on 57 and I was at the stop sign on Miller Rd. I told Mike and he said "Wow, he must have had a late night." I told him I think it's late all the time before he gets back home. Thanks so much for letting me hold sweet baby Maximus. He's so ADORABLE! We love you and yours!!
    Mike, Millie, Jeffrey and Shelby