Saturday, April 18, 2009

Maximus got to meet some of Mommy's co-workers yesterday.

Hello Everyone,

Well, Maximus went to Mommy's work yesterday. There were too many people to mention. I think he liked all the attention. But in time the noise and commotion got to him. I got to spend time with him yesterday. It was allot of fun. Mommy thinks I dressed him too heavy for the weather. I think you can always take something off. It was a nice day out. Once we came home, I put his stroller together. Max and Mommy went for a all terrain walk with it. It has air filled tires so she was testing it out going threw the yard. She showed Max out family garden, and straw berry patch. He even spent time with me in the pole barn as I was cleaning up the place. ;0) I am sure he will spend allot of time out there with me when he gets older, so your never too young to start. Well, this is my up date, I will write again when I have more to say.


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