Friday, April 10, 2009

Here is the latest news.

We got word from the Doctor, threw a nurse, that we need to be in Ann Arbor the 14th of May. He will go into surgery the morning of the 15th. So we just have to be patient, and the day will come soon. It is ruff to look at such a happy boy, and know what pain he will go threw in his life. I would take his place, as I am sure any of you would for your children. We are numb to this all right now. I am sure it will hit us hard the morning of the surgery. It is something he has to go threw to be healthy. So we have no choice. Time heals all wounds, this one will be re-opened every so many years. I don't want him to not trust us. I mean that we have to let him go to the people he knows cause him pain. I know he will know when he gets older. But these are the weeks he learns to trust us the most. He would have learned how we would protect him from harm and pain. What a messed up thing.....


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  1. I know this is so hard for you guys. I worried a lot about Abby when she was born prematurely. It seemed like most of the touch she received was poking and prodding and I worried that she wouldn't trust people or warm up to them. But, you can see that she has become one of the warmest, trusting, sweetest people I know. I also think her early struggles have made her strong in ways others may not be. Max is stong and will come through this even stronger. He has so much love surrounding him, too, both from you and Michele, and his extended family (blood relatives and relatives of the heart). We all wish we could take this pain away from Max and from you two also. You and Michele are so strong as well. Our hearts go out to you guys.

    Love, Barb