Sunday, September 27, 2009


Max had his Cardiologist appointment on Tuesday. Dr. Florentine said that things are looking good and he is pleased with how big Max is getting. He did say that his valve won't repair itself, but is holding its own for now. He will change his blood pressure medicine to a kind that will be twice a day rather than three times. Max felt the need to try to help the ultrasound tech. The days of him laying still during his ultrasounds are probably a thing of the past for now. At least he wasn't unhappy during it, just squirmy! Max's Great Grandma King passed away on Thursday. This was his daddy's grandma. She always said that Max was very sweet. I'm glad that he had a chance to meet her. We hope that Great Grandpa can stay strong with his broken heart:(


  1. Max we are so happy to hear you are doing so well! Your smile makes our day you are a pretty handsome little guy! John & Michele sorry to hear of your loss. I am sure she will be greatly missed. Keep up the blog love reading about his growth. You all take care. Love Jamie & Lili

  2. God is sooooooooo good!! Good for little Max. What a tough guy. Must be all that good lovin' he is getting. So happy to hear the good report and know he is gaining strentgh and growing every day. It would be nice to see you again sometime Michele. Do you get to water aerobics any more? Let me know. Take care, still praying for little Max and your family. Take care, God bless. Jan :)