Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!!

Tonight was my very first Halloween. I was dressed up like a little lion. I was very good and left my costume on and didn't even rub off my silly whiskers! I'm not really sure what was going on or why mommy and daddy kept trying to get me to roar. I did it a few times just to appease them.

Recently Daddy and I had our first boys only day. We went up to Jay's and daddy bought me some camo items. I can't figure out why mommy and daddy call me "Jimmer!" every time I have my hat on. Something about Escanaba.. They are strange!!

I keep getting bigger and bigger. I still haven't decided to try the whole crawling thing yet, maybe someday. I'm quite content just sitting and playing with my toys.


  1. Awww. What a cutie. I was just getting on to post the pictures from a week ago when we got together for fall birthdays, but I don't want to bump these down, so I'll wait a few days. Sorry about my timing!

  2. Awe... Max you made an adorable lion! RAWRRRRR!

    I even like your hunting gear, although I'm not getting the "Jimmer" comment. Naturally, it's an inside joke...and yes, sometimes you're parents are strange. LOL I love them anyway! :) Take care of yourself and I hope to see you soon!