Thursday, January 14, 2010

You say its your Birthday, well its my Birthday too yah.

Hi everyone,

Today is my Birthday. One year, wow, and what a year its been. It went by like a flash. Mommy got me a birthday shirt for everyone to see. That way no one could mistake who's day it is. :0) I found out if you use your hands and knees, you can get to places much faster than rolling. So I now spend most my time exploring stuff I could not get to before. I am trying to figure out how to walk because it looks even faster. Daddy keeps saying he has to put everything up higher to keep it out of my reach. I guess he figures it will make me want to try harder to get to the stuff. Well, I got to go to day care, so have a good day.

Maximus J Smith 1-14-2009, and still going!!!


  1. Max, Happy Birthday! You're growing so fast the time sure does fly..Lili and I love reading your blog and by the way, we love the Harley outfit! God surely has blessed you and your family. Can't wait to read about your second birthday hopefully this year you get to have lots of fun! Love & Prayers Jamie & Lili

  2. Happy Birthday Maximus!!!! Just look at how much you've grown! You're such a sweet and happy little boy. We all love you very much!
    Love, Aunt Barb, Uncle John, and your cousins

  3. Oh Maximus, I am so sorry I didn't get to come to your birthday party. I had to work, though. I hope that Iwll get a chance to come and see you soon, or maybe you and mommy can come and see me. I love all of your new pictures. There's one inparticular that reminds me of your mommy back when she was younger. I won't say which one. LOL! I do have to agree with everyone that you are growing fast. I hope you will have many happy and healthy years ahead of you. Be good for mommy and daddy and I'll see you soon.

    Love Aunt Kathy