Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Joe Camper
Showing Grammy how I use my new tooth!


daddy & I sitting by the fire

telling Grammy a campfire story


  1. Max we love your new pics! Wait until you get older you are going to love camping even more! This year you are going grow to change so much. Lili and love reading your blog and watching you grow! Congrats on the new tooth. Thoughts & Prayers Jamie & Lili

  2. Max i'm so happy you enjoyed your first camp outing. As was said before, you will enjoy it the older you get. I'm glad you didn't get rained on too much, unlike those of us who were at Michigan's Adventure, Saturday. LOL! You're getting so big. I love your new pictures! I hope to see you, mommy and daddy soon. Mommy and I will have to buckle you in that fancy smancy carseat and take you some place. Be a good boy! Love ya!
    Aunt Kathy