Sunday, July 19, 2009

Growing day by day.;0)

Max is getting bigger day by day! He cut his first tooth. It is just through the skin and sharp as can be!! He feels the need to gnaw on anyone who is willing to let him. He has started eating baby food. We started with green beans and tried peas for the first time today-which he gagged on!

Right now he is entertaining himself by trying to raspberry with his lips. He isn't very successful unless you count spit everywhere as success.

This weekend Maximus went to the campground to visit his Aunt Di, Uncle Scott and Matt. It was freezing cold for a July day. I'm not sure Max really enjoyed the camping experience, this could make Family Camping a challenge.

Aunt Kelly and Uncle Scott came to visit Max on Sunday. She was surprised how big he's gotten.

We hope you enjoy the new pictures.

John, Michele & Max

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  1. Max is quite a handsome boy! What a dollie! So glad to see he is progressing along, cutting teeth and looking and acting like a normal healthy 6 month old guy, in spite of his "problems." God is so good. Looking forward to seeing you Michele on THursday. Are you bringing Max? Take care, God bless. Jan :)